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Anat Shperling

Anat Shperling
Co-founder & CEO

How has Drive shown up for you as a partner?

Anat Shperling“Partnership is demonstrated by taking an active interest in each other and working together to achieve shared success. DBDK is doing exactly that. In order to achieve long-term success we both invest a fair amount of time and energy into the partnership. Meredith McPherron is always thinking about what’s coming up next, and we spent time brainstorming, validating our business plans and goals, addressing problems and meeting the challenge together.”

From your perspective, what is the most important quality to have in a VC investor and how has Drive lived up to that?

Anat Shperling“As an entrepreneur, I believe the question is whether founders and investors can work together in a fruitful and productive way that will take the company to the next level, and if something goes wrong, will we focus on fixing the problems and meeting the challenge or will it turn into a game of blame? My experience with DBDK is always positive, professional, inspiring, and pushes the boundaries of what we can accomplish.”

How has Drive worked to really connect with you and your vision for your company?

Anat Shperling“They are supportive, attentive and sharp at the same time. I trust their judgment and feel fortunate to have them as our lead investor!”

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