About Us

DRIVE is a unique ecosystem of athletes, entrepreneurs, investors, and teams who are driving the acceleration of sports professionals into tech and tech entrepreneurs into sports. DRIVE will encompass two complementary programs, DRIVE Venture Studio, which will invest in early stage companies whose technologies will define the future of how we play, consume and experience sports and entertainment, and the DRIVE Athlete Network, which was established to give athletes the tools and training necessary to become successful entrepreneurs and investors.

Our Team

Janet Holian
Janet Holian Co-Founder, CEO

As CEO, Janet leads the business strategy as well as runs the day to day operations. Janet’s experience includes:

  • 20+ years startup executive, as CMO, President or CEO
  • Seven total startups, 5 successful exits including 4 IPOs, 1 Sale, 1 Bankrupt, 7th is DraftKings
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Rashaun Williams Co-Founder, President

Rashaun co-leads business strategy, leads the athlete network & content creation. Former investment banker, tech coach to athletes & entertainers.

  • 12 years in investment banking: Goldman, DB
  • 8 years in venture capital
  • Invested in over 120 startups
  • 20 years teaching financial literacy
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Kiki Mills Johnston Managing Director, DRIVE Venture Studio

Kiki leads the Venture Studio, including customizing the program for each entrepreneur and making financial investment recommendations to the Investment Committee.

  • 15+ years leading organizations that mobilize networks, resources and capital to support entrepreneurs
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Excell Hardy Jr. Senior Director, DRIVE Athlete Network

Excell leads the day-today operations for the DRIVE Athlete Network. Excell’s experience includes:

  • 10 years in player relations: recruitment & engagement
  • 7 years in player programming: providing resources in the areas education, finance & career transition (NBRPA)

Board of Directors

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Jason Robins DraftKings CEO & Co-Founder

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Ezra Kucharz DraftKings Chief Business Officer

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Jason Park DraftKings CFO      

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Olivia Lew General Catalyst, Investor

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Ryan Moore Accomplice Co-founder & Partner, Investor

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Peter Blacklow Boston Seed, Managing Director & General Partner, Investor