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Jason Moore

Jason Moore
Founder & CEO
Kamiar Kordari

Kamiar Kordari
Chief Innovation Officer

How has Drive shown up for you as a partner?

Jason Moore“Drive supports us from every angle. They are always there for us to talk through any subject, big or small. They make intros. They research the market and problem and share learnings. They bring empathy and compassion to tough conversations. They're not afraid to question our assumptions or challenge us to see new perspectives. They use the product and even show up to help test new app releases. They always show up.”

From your perspective, what is the most important quality to have in a VC investor and how has Drive lived up to that?

Jason Moore“Money, experience, network, and thoughtfulness are all great. But a great VC should help you be the best version of yourself. Drive listens to us, supports us with care and empathy, and they also challenge and even debate with us if needed. They help us grow as people - even beyond our job title, which translates to growth for the company as well.”

How has Drive worked to really connect with you and your vision for your company?

Jason Moore“Drive clearly pours their heart and soul into supporting their founders and companies. They spend a lot of time researching the market and problem and landscape. They make intros to relevant people in the industry. They use the product and even show up to help test new app releases. I love how they question and test our assumptions and challenge us to think differently about a problem. With Drive's help, our vision has evolved to be not only bigger and bolder but also clearer and more achievable as well.”

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