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George Sun

George Sun
CEO & Founder
John Peters

John Peters
Chief Business Officer

How has Drive shown up for you as a partner?

George Sun“Drive immediately provided value by introducing us to strategic investors and partners from the start of our partnership. More so, Drive has gone beyond what a typical VC relationship is by being proactive in our technology roadmap, team buildout, and commercial strategy. The collective experience of the Drive team has not only helped grow our company, but also helped us grow as Founders as we mature into our positions. Ultimately, by partnering with Drive we have accelerated our company’s growth and have positioned ourselves strongly for an upcoming Series A.”

From your perspective, what is the most important quality to have in a VC investor and how has Drive lived up to that?

George Sun“The most important quality in a VC is being available. Drive has proactively made time for our team in time-sensitive and stressful situations. They are eager to take brainstorming meetings, late night calls, and have even taken the time to touch-base with us on a personal level.”

How has Drive worked to really connect with you and your vision for your company?

George Sun“Our vision at Nextiles is to bring a new wave of wearable technologies for more seamless data capture. Drive has taken the time to learn about our technology, participated in R&D roadmap discussions, and allowed us to explore new applications of our technology in the sports and entertainment space. Collectively as a team, we’ve been able to define intermediate milestones which have helped systematically evolve our product and software platforms.”

Smart fabric for a more connected future.

Nextiles is a materials science company merging flexible electronics with soft goods to create a data analytics platform that measures human performance.

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