Ari Daie

Ari Daie
Founder, CEO

How has Drive shown up for you as a partner?

Ari Daie“We have a great investor base. But we also have two types of investors: those who are pure capital partners and those who are extraordinarily focused on helping to add value. Drive falls squarely into the latter category. Our business depends on our ability to make connections and execute, and Drive has been crucial in connecting us with key strategic partners that have allowed our business to grow and expand in and around our existing verticals.”

From your perspective, what is the most important quality to have in a VC investor and how has Drive lived up to that?

Ari Daie“We don’t call our investors “investors.” We call them Partners. They are my co-owners in this business. We’re on the same side of the table. We have aligned goals. And we only work with investors — partners — who share those values. An investor gives you money; a partner takes an active role in helping you put that money to good use. Our partners at Drive embody that idea by adding value across our business: offering guidance, giving us constructive feedback, making key strategic introductions. It takes a village to raise a company, too, and we’re very happy that Drive is a part of ours.”

How has Drive worked to really connect with you and your vision for your company?

Ari Daie“Drive understands our mission and the new avenues for growth, and they’ve used that knowledge to help accelerate our business. They’ve made introductions for us (including DraftKings and Citi Rewards), they jam with us whenever we need a sounding board, and they meet with us quarterly to talk about our trajectory and how they can help. Again, it’s a true Partnership. That might be a big ask for some investors, but it’s the only way Drive knows how to operate, and we couldn’t be more grateful for that.”

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